Are you looking for support on your journey to sobriety? Start yoga classes in a safe environment to keep you focused on your goals and feeling better. At the studio we offer an 8 week sober yogis challenge. These 8 weeks are designed to jumpstart not only your yoga practice but also your recovery. All ages and levels of fitness who are in active sobriety are welcome to join. This program is on a rolling admission. Register for classes anytime, sign up for a weekly meeting and start feeling great. 

Participants are required to take 5 classes per week for 8 weeks combined with one weekly group counseling session. If the challenge is completed the participant will receive one month of unlimited yoga for free.

Interested in joining? Send us an email to get started.
meet our students
In August I went to urgent care in extreme pain. The doctor said that I had scoliosis and my hips were out of alignment. He said that it was one of the worst cases he had ever seen. I began physical therapy, had an MRI which revealed a slipped disc and degeneration of the pad between the vertebrae. I was in such pain that I had to take 2 weeks off from work. Even with complete rest I could find no relief from the pain. I visited my primary care physician and a nurse in his office recommended that I try Bikram Yoga. Just spending the time in the hot room would give me some relief. As a practicing yogi of gentle yoga, I knew the benefits of the regular practice, as all of the health professionals that I had seen were amazed at my flexibility and my ability to use yoga postures to bring relief from my pain. I left the doctor's office, checked the Epping Bikram Yoga website, changed to workout clothes and headed for the studio.

I walked in using a cane and could do very few of the standing postures due to pain every time I stood. I continued to work through the pain under the supervision of the staff at BYE. We discussed my medical condition and the instructors recommended modifications to the postures in line with the restrictions given by the medical professionals. I continue to improve evidenced by my ability to wak without a cane, the elimination of my blood pressure medication, and on Thanksgiving Day I had absolutely no pain, which continued for four days!!!. I am not out of the woods yet, but as I continue to strengthen the muscles along my spine, as well as my core, I have every confidence that I will continue to improve. 

Thank you, Emily and all the staff at BYE!!! You are stuck with me. Thanks for teaching an "old dog new tricks." I have a lot more to say. You won't believe what the doctors are saying about yoga. Stay tuned.
 Hattie, age 66 
Bikram Yoga Epping was my first real introduction to yoga. Although I felt intimidated before I actually went, that all disappeared as soon as I went because Emily (the studio owner) is so welcoming. She has always given me pointers and encouragement during classes, which has helped me to progress from where my body is every day. I can't do all the postures fully, but I know what kind of modifications are correct for my body because of my Bikram Yoga Epping Teachers. 

Getting to know the other teachers has been great too, everyone is so helpful and encouraging. My body has changed a lot for the better in a few short months. The nagging daily neck pain and headaches I had are gone and I feel stronger as well as much more flexible. I would say to anyone don't be afraid to try this healing yoga, and don't be afraid of the heat. Your body really does adjust after the first week or so and eventually you crave getting into the hot room.
Holly, age 46
First time ever at a yoga class and even though I couldn't do everything to the extent others could I didn't feel uncomfortable at all! I loved it and felt great all day! I can't wait to go back!
Jennifer, age 43
I started practicing Yoga in December of 2015 at Bikram Epping. The increased flexibility has improved my golf game greatly, I've lost >16 lbs, and reduced blood pressure by >10 points. I recommend for any athlete to try Bikram Yoga and improve your performance. Sweat - stretch - repeat!
Mike, age 57
Emily was one of my first yoga teachers, and I have always enjoyed her classes. She is so supportive of someone who is not flexible and over weight. Her positive attitude and yoga has allowed me to become physically and mentally a better person. Her new studio in Epping is bright and fun place and you must stop by. She can change your life, like she has changed mine.
Dave, age 56
One of the best things you can do for yourself and for those that you love is to take the first step into this yoga studio. BYE is nonjudgmental, welcoming and an inspirational place to be. Wherever you are in your life.. Spirituality, physically, emotionally or just want a kick butt workout (or just a place to quietly enjoy the heat) this is the place to go. Bikram yoga offers therapy and exercise all in one... And this community in Epping is amazing place to be ... Give it a try, you will not be disappointed in the many positive ways it will enhance your life.
Lisa, age 53
Fall 2018: Take the challenge.
Change your life.
This rebranded and reformatted challenge is designed with everyone in mind. Improve your health and wellness with support from the staff, fellow group members, and teachers. Over the course of 90 days participants will embark on the life long journey of facing their personal challenges head on through yoga, nutrition, and EFT. 

We have teamed up with Bikram Yoga Portsmouth, Erin Holt and Holistic Healer Cheri Keirstead to introduce a program that will give students the ability to look into the mirror and love what is staring back at them. 
Who is the challenge for?

Anyone who is looking to improve their health or make changes in their life. Commit to 90 is designed for those who struggle with stress, anxiety, anger management, chronic illness or injury, trauma or PTSD, disordered eating, depression, addiction, body dysmorphia or obesity.

How does it work?

Four yoga classes each week
One Fueled and Fit check in online each week
One EFT session each week. 

At the end of the 90 days all participants who meet the above criteria will receive a month of yoga for free.

What is EFT?

Cheri Keirstead, our holistic healer will be leading the Emotional Freedom Technique sessions. These group sessions (held live online and in person) help to calm your nervous system and halt the fight or flight response which lowers cortisol levels. With EFT you can change how your brain reacts to stress and triggers associated with trauma, self-image, food, stress and more. 

We will have Dr. Ronald Ceppetelli serving as our staff clinician. Dr. Ceppetelli will review intake forms and be available for additional therapeutic support and consultation if needed.

What is Fueled and Fit? 

Our holistic nutritionist, Erin Holt has designed the Fueled and Fit program to help participants be aware of how their bodies are reacting to the food they eat and the nutritional choices they make on a daily basis. As an eating disorder survivor and currently living with an autoimmune disease, Erin has healed her body through nutrition. The Fueled and Fit program includes recipes, informational sheets, kitchen help videos, podcasts, exercises + meditation practices to aid you in nourishing your body and mind throughout the program, just as you do in the yoga room. In addition to the F + F program, Erin will be hosting weekly live Facebook sessions where you can get your most pressing questions answered. Erin will moderate a private Facebook group where all the participants can share thoughts and ask questions. Erin encourages you to eat all the food and leave dieting in the past.

Read more here about why Sara Curry founded the original BBL program and what has inspired us to change the format. 

Not from the Epping area? Take the challenge at our sister studio, Bikram Yoga Portsmouth.